Progressive Die Stampings

Progressive Die Stampings refers to the press in a stamping stroke, using a strip punching raw material, in a mold with several different positions to complete the multi-channel stamping die stamping die at the same time, the die is completed once each stamping, the material with a fixed distance moving one time, to the product completion.

Progressive Die Stampings
Progressive Die Stampings
Progressive Die Stampings

Progressive die is a stamping die that presses a plurality of processes at one time, and completes several processes at one time. The blanking parts are formed gradually in the continuous die. Continuous forming is the process method of working process concentrating, which can make the cutting edge, incision, cutting groove, punching, plastic deformation and material fall on a pair of dies. According to the actual needs of stamping parts, a number of stamping processes are arranged in a certain order (called workstations in progressive die) for continuous stamping. It can not only complete the blanking process, but also complete the forming process and even the assembly process. Many complex stamping parts which need multi process stamping can be completely formed on a pair of dies, which provides favorable conditions for high speed automatic stamping. Thus, progressive die is a kind of blanking die with many workplaces and high efficiency.


1. Progressive die is a multi task die, which can include many processes such as blanking, bending and stretching, etc., and has high productivity.
2. stage die is safe.
3. easy to automate;
4. can be produced by high speed punch press.
5., we can reduce punch area and reduce the transportation and storage of semi-finished products.
6., parts with very high dimensional requirements are not suitable for progressive die production.


1. parts are small;
2. large quantities;
3. material is thinner (0.08~2.5mm);
4. the material is soft;
The 5. shape is more complex.
6. precious metals are not suitable (low utilization ratio);
7. high accuracy is not suitable (below IT10 level).

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