ThermoformingThermoforming is a special plastic processing method for processing thermoplastic plastic sheets into various products. The sheet material is clamped on the frame and heated to a softened state, and under the action of external force, it is made to closely adhere to the molding surface of the mold to obtain a shape similar to the molding surface. After cooling and shaping, the finished product is ready to be finished.

Thermoforming Manufacturer

We are plastics manufacturer, specializing in all kinds of vacuum formed OEM products and custom Thermoforming parts.

Our Engineers have more than 20 years experience in the industry and we are able to design, develop and produce all elements in-house; from design and tooling/moulds, to forming and CNC cutting. We are even able to carry out complex assembly of the final product for you.

Keeping all aspects in-house allows us to maintain unparallelled quality control as well as speeding up the entire process from concept to product delivery. Clients also benefit from us being a single point of contact for all your manufacturing needs.

We are particularly proud of our large volume machines, we have the largest vacuum forming machine in Guangdong! That being said, no project is too small, and we will hapilly speak with you about how we can help you with your project requirements.

Plastic thermoformer products

Product name
Custom plastic thermoformer products
Max 4000*2000*1000mm
1-12 mm
Customer Requestment
Customer Requestment
Any logo can be printed
Product material
Process type
Vacuum thermoforming
Mould material
ISO 9001:2008
High quality
Design 2D or 3D drawing provided by client
Company type
Manufacture, factory

Purchase Guide

1) Customers provide 3D design drawing or sufficient info ( length x width x height thickness, material, colors etc)
2) We offer quotation in time
3) Once confirmed price,we arrange to build mold according to customer’s design drawing
4) Make samples for customer approved
5) Arrange mass production after sample approved by customers
6) Timely complete production for on-time delivery