Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal Fabrication is the key technology that the technical staff of sheet metal need to grasp, and it is also an important process for forming the sheet metal products. Sheet metal Fabrication includes traditional cutting, blanking, bending forming and other process parameters, including all kinds of cold stamping die structure and process parameters, various equipment working principles and operation methods, including new stamping technology and new technology. Sheet metal parts processing is called sheet metal Fabrication.

As a ISO 9001:2008 certified sheet metal fabricators in China, we provide customers with stable and reliable products and competitive prices, and we offer a cost-effective and on-demand solution for your manufacturing requirements. The services range from standard gauge to special gauge, and we will responsible and manage for every step of materials, manufacturing, inspection, packaging and delivery whether it is low-volume prototypes and high-volume production runs. Our development and design department can provide custom service of design and package to your exact specifications. We support various formats of drawing files from images (PDF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF), 2D drawings (CAD/DXF) to 3D drawings (STP/STEP/IGS/IGES/XT/SLDPRT).

Main Metal Fabrication services

Production Ability

Tolerance :+/-0.01 mm ~ +/-0.05 mm, to be discussed

Surface treatment: polish( buff, vibration,electro-polish and so on),plating (Zinc,Silver,Brass,Tin and so on),Powder coating, Planting

Size: from 3 mm to 1500 mm. Can be customized and to be confirmed.

Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sheet Metal Workshop 4

Sheet Metal Materials

Sheet metal processing materials are generally used cold-rolled plate (SPCC), hot-rolled plate, galvanized plate (SHCC) (SECC, SGCC), copper (CU) brass, copper, beryllium copper, aluminum (6061, 5052, 1010, 1060, 6063, aluminum etc.), stainless steel (wire drawing, mirror, fog). According to the product function, selection of different materials, generally from product use and cost to consider.

Metal Fabrication Application

The processing steps of the sheet metal workshops are as follows: the pre product test, the product processing test and the production of the product batch. In the process of processing the product, we should communicate with the customers in time, and get the evaluation of the corresponding processing, and then make the production of the product in batch.

Sheet metal processing is widely used in both daily life and industrial production. For example, it can be used to make chimneys, iron drums, fuel tanks, ventilation pipes, elbow reducers, round and square shapes, funnel shapes, etc.

The main processes include shearing, bending and trimming, bending and forming, welding, riveting, etc., which require certain geometric knowledge. Sheet metal parts are thin sheet metal parts, which can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means. A general definition is that the thickness of the part remains unchanged during the processing process. The corresponding parts are castings, forged parts, machined parts, etc

Representative Sheet Metal Sample

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Metal Enclosure Box & Cabinet

Sheet Metal Fabrication Enclosure

Aluminum Extrusion Cabinet

Aluminum Extrusion Cabinet

Aluminum Profile

Aluminum led strips profile

Sheet Metal Cutting & Bending

Custom Sheet Metal Bending

Aluminum Laser Cut Fabrication

Aluminum Laser Cut Fabrication

Welding and fabrication

Welding and fabrication